Monday, September 9, 2013

New Website and a New Place for my Posts

Hello loyal readers - and all of you who peaked in every so often.

I have a new website and all new blog posts will be there from now on. Please join me.

My old website was really dated, plus I grew professionally and personally in the last 6 years like every good professional should. The new site reflects that.

One blog post is already up. It talks about a PBS Nature documentary shoot I was part of last week, and about two cautious puppies who met for the first time. There are photos as well, so go check it out, and follow me if you like. I plan to put up a few more posts till about mid. October, and after that about one a month.

This here blog site won't be deleted, so you can continue to look for information that is, albeit perhaps not always quite current, always informational - as information should be.

Thanks for all your interest and comments in the past, and really hope we'll hook up on my new site - oh, and feel free to share.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

No-Show Blog Posts, but a Full Circle Guest Post

I know, I've been silent for a while. But not slacking off. Far from it. Summer was extremely busy and what's left of it won't be any different. Not that I'm complaining - in a time when many are struggling a lot of work is easy to swallow.
The downside is that it leaves little time for writing, and hence, the no-show blog posts.
In addition, I am working on a new website. Not that the present one is not doing its job, but I evolved and technology has too, and after 6 years it is time for a new look.
So, more quietness for a while longer. But to tie you over, here is a guest post I wrote for the Full Circle Veterinary Clinic on Separation Anxiety.