Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mindful Leadership Google Group

I have created a Mindful Leadership google group: Voice 4 Dogs.
It was planned for quite some time - I wanted a place where all my clients can go to discuss their dog(s), get advice, have questions answered, connect to and communicate with other dog owners who want the best relationship they can have with their dog.
We purely positive and mindful dog people are still a minority, and some might feel they need to defend how they relate and train their dog(s), so the group could also be somewhat of a support group, especially for confused by all the conflicting training info members.

The reason why it took so long between planning and action is because I am really busy, but also because I was divided between running it as an open group for everyone interested, or a closed one reserved only for people who attended one of my seminars or group classes, bought my book, or had a private consultation.

To open the door for anybody was really tempting, cause it might have influenced a few correction owners to quit punitive methods. But then I thought the opposite might happen: Millan and Koehler followers trying to convince us that our dogs will surely becomes the alpha if we don't punish "bad behavior" and "dominance". Not that I am trying to avoid such discussions in general. Hubby Mike can attest that I am always in the mood for a heated debate. But I'll reserve that for future blogs that might attract opposing voices. For the group I wanted a different purpose - one that adds value to my clients - and me, cause we all learn from one another. And the best teachers when it comes to dog behavior are our dogs.

Reserving membership to dog owners and trainers who connected with me in one of the above ways also allows us to begin discussions at a certain level, cause you all have already an idea what Mindful Leadership is all about - and you are already very caring dog owners.

I have sent a bunch of personal invitations out, but I don't have everyone's e-mail address. Partly my fault cause I am not all that organized when it comes to secretarial stuff. Partly because I never had your e-mail address. If you are a client and have not received an invitation and would like to join the group, please e-mail me at silvia4dogs@gmail.com. Let me know which seminar you attended, or where you purchased my book Dump Dog, and I will e-mail you an invitation.

I am looking forward to some great discussions in the future.

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