Friday, November 20, 2009

DNA Test Results

Will and Davie’s DNA results are in. You might remember my post a while back when I announced that I sent DNA My Dog about 100 bucks to send me a DNA testing kit for both our girls. The results were emailed to me today, with the hard copies to follow.
When I sent the swaps back, I intentionally didn’t add a photo, cause I am a natural skeptic and I didn’t want to give them any hints what Davie and Will look like.
So according to DNA My Dog, Davie is a combination of:
20-36% Sheltie, 20-36% Greyhound, 20-36% Border Collie, 10-20% Australian Shepherd and less than 5% Parsons Russell Terrier.
Will is a combination of:
37-74% German Shepherd, 10-20% Min-Pin and less than 5% poodle.
The skeptic in me says: “Hm – I wonder?”
I understand that dogs are a combination of many different genes – get that. And Will could somewhat make sense, even though her mother looked a lot like a border collie.
But Davie? Greyhound? By the way, she was sold as purebred Australian Shepherd.
So, I am disappointed. Not because Australian Shepherds are my favorite breed and mine is only 10-20% one, and Will is not a classy Tervuren or even a special coydog, just an ordinary shepherd cross, but because I am not convinced that the test is accurate.
That’s another natural personality trait – if I don’t get the outcome I like I question things, including DNA evidence. So Mike suggested to send for another test kit to the US company whatever their name is, who’ve been doing it for years, just to see what they come up with. Next time I feel like wasting money, maybe I will.


  1. That is very interesting! And so serendipidous! I sent away for 2 test kits too! I'm going to get my Daisy done - and don't tell my friend Janet this - but I'm giving her one for Christmas for her dog Maximo (I'm quite sure she doesn't read comments on blogs, so I feel safe that this won't ruin her surprise haha!) - so I'll let you know what Daisy turns out to be - I'm interested to know if she actually has any rottweiller in her!

  2. Yes, I am very interested as well. My friend Yvonne had her three dogs done, and they came in funny, too.

  3. What a disappointment! I just cannot believe these results. The only way I could even imagine them making sense would be if the company came with a detailed, in-depth explanation of how DNA tests show up genes from breeds that pre-dated and went into other breeds from way back. They'd have to give me a damned good explanation of these particular results until I was genuinely convinced! Until then, they don't make sense to me.

    I wonder if they even had coyote in their database or whatever it is they've got to compare to? I mean, I wonder if they're even set up to recognize coyote DNA?

    I'm so sorry for you, Silvia. What a let-down this confusing and incredible outcome must be.

  4. I see a lot of other people on line who have had similarly mind-boggling results. Many are upset and feel they wasted their money. Many are saying that the tests (both by this company and possibly also by another company that vets use) were not ready for marketing.

    I don't know anything about this company and have not done any serious research on how this all works and what's behind it, but I am concerned about the number of people getting results that appear to be so far off-base.

    Maybe you should try a psychic instead! ;D

  5. Ha, there is an idea, Susan - a psychic.
    I doubt they have coyote in their data base - or even Terv, so that is why GSD for Will makes sense.
    The other thing that bothered me was that there are broad percentages - anywhere between 37-74%?
    And if they check ancestry way back then, pretty much no dog should come out purebred, but some do.
    I lean toward agreeing that it might not be ready for marketing.
    On a positive note: I'm over it - convinced that I'm right with Terv cross and Australian shepherd - and they're wrong.

  6. Silvia,

    Good. Stay with your own gut. I'd put my bets on your take.

    Maybe when we die we'll be able to look down and see it all. Till then, gut feelings and one's own knowledge are good!

  7. I saw a documentary on DNA testing a couple of years ago, and it was in regards to African-Americans getting tested to discover their ancestry. I remember the results being very questionable and the film makers were showing that you really can't use DNA testing in this way with any real accuracy. Perhaps somethings just have to be a mystery and we just need to celebrate the special individuality of each of our fury friends. I can appreciate the need to know, but I think the DNA testing industry is just industry.

  8. If you found a reputable DNA company that you thought would provide reasonably accurate results, I would love to get Kallie and Chloe done.

  9. I'm finding this post very late, but I sent in two DNA kits for my dogs and both came back as "we have no idea what your dog is". Very interesting because one is most certainly a large % border collie and the other one should have had many types of dogs in him. It was very disappointing to say the least (and a big waste of money). The letter said something to the effect "be happy, your dogs are unique!"