Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Can We Get A Dog To Respect Us?

By respecting and facilitating his natural rights!
Natural rights are what “The Imperial Animal” calls behavioral needs rooted in the biogrammar of an animal. For example: birds have the right to fly, cats to stalk and pounce, and humans to think, and read, and express themselves in art.
For dogs those rights are:
To participate in group activities if they belong to a group, which is ALWAYS the case with owned dogs;
To contribute to the group and feel worthy and important;
To move around in the space where he lives without constraints;
To be nourished and sheltered;
To feel safe;
To communicate freely;
To be taught to, and receive information how his world works and how he fits in;
To utilize his inherent aptitudes - and for many it is to use the schnoz;
To observe, investigate and seek what he finds interesting;
To be taught and given opportunities to earn access to what is important to him.
I doubt we will see that legislated any time soon, which means we’ll continue to have dog behavioral problems for a long time to come.
With or without laws, each one of us can aim to provide what our dog needs beyond food and water. Maybe we’ll reach a crucial threshold and generate a social shift away from neglect, abuse, dominance and over-control.

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