Thursday, April 1, 2010

Aggression and Stress Seminar - May 01

Why are so many good dogs behaving badly?
Because even though they don't share human's worries, for example how to pay the monthly bills, many are stressed.
In fact, almost all problem behaviors are rooted in fear and stress.
Find out why the modern dog is so emotional; the expressions of a dog gone limbic, including aggression, resource guarding and separation anxiety, and what you can do to make things better.
We will discuss hormones, nutrition and brain chemicals that affect behavior.
And we will discuss dominance aggression and predation to round things up. Dominance does exist, but is generally misunderstood and not addressed correctly. Becoming the even brawnier and bossier animal is not a functional solution to deal with a dog who has an attitude.

Get the inside scoop and expert advice on May 01. It's an all day, 9-5, event.
Lunch will be served and is included in the fee.
Location: Fetch Inc. - 80 Joseph Zatzman Drive, Dartmouth.
Space is limited and filling up fast. Hope to see you there.

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