Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Willkommen is 10

Question! Is there such a thing as being too busy if someone loves every minute of it? Answer! Yes, if one forgets the dog’s birthday.
On November 15th Will turned 10, and we almost forgot. Almost because hubby remembered it late evening, and in reality we aren’t even sure if that is her exact birthday. Nobody knows cause Will was born feral. When she and the her litter were trapped in February 2002 they – the humane society people and veterinarian - estimated the pups age between 10-12 weeks, which puts whelping in November, and we chose the 15th cause it was a payday and allowed us to buy gifts, but what are the chances that we picked the correct date.
We got Will April 30th 2002. We were the 4th place she landed at, and her last chance. So, we could celebrate that day, too. A few of my friends who have rescue dogs celebrate the “got day”, not the birthday, but we don’t. I don’t know why, because I am really happy that we got Will. The extremely timid pauper pup turned into a fantastic dog. She is an easy keeper, is attentive -super attentive, heeds our requests and trusts me so completely that we can take her anywhere. She might not always agree with my choices, but she always wants to be with me, without being clingy, and without having separation anxiety, which means she can be left alone as well. The perfect companion, and confident, too. She transformed from flighty Willkommen to Willie the Conqueror.
Will is smart, subtle and sweet, and easy on the eye. Best of all, she is still active and healthy. And here we are, almost forgetting her birthday. But she didn’t mind. I mean, what could we get our diva what she doesn’t already have.
Love and affection? A lot.
Treats? Daily.
Home-cooked dinners? Yup.
Long walks? Twice a day.
Off leash outings? Regularly.
Her own photo blog post to celebrate her life? I highly doubt she cares, but here she’s got one anyway.
Happy Birthday ma Will – and hopefully there’ll be many more to come.


  1. Happy Birthday to Wil!! I can't believe the photos are of the same dog you described in Dump Dog. Truly Inspiring.

    Rebecca (and Simba)

  2. Happy Birthday Will! I wish all dogs could be as fortunate as you, to be so loved, respected and well understood. What a dreamy doggie world it would be.

  3. Happy Birthday Willy Manilly. Everyday is a Birthday for you and for us. May you have many more. Love Your Human dad