Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fav X-mas song and CTV dissapointment

I love classic country music, like Alberta as much as Nova Scotia, and live in the sticks, and that's why Leroy the Redneck Reindeer is my favorite Christmas song this year.

On a less lighter note, I was very disappointed with CTV's Live at 5 yesterday. The media is pretty influential; can, and in my opinion does, manipulate popular opinions and actions. You'd think they'd feel somewhat of a responsibility to report stuff that helps their viewers, and sometimes they do, but not yesterday when they profiled Pets Unlimited in Sidney and all the wonderful exotic pets people can buy there before Christmas.
Very, very disappointing that CTV hasn't clued in yet that getting a pet - any pet - as a Christmas gift is not a good idea, especially from a place - any place - that mass produces and mass sells living beings; a place that is 100% commerce driven and doesn't give a rat's tail what they sell and to whom.
Animal welfare might not be on CTV's agenda, but the thing is that an animal acquired on a whim and without diligent investigation where it came from and how it was cared for, causes heartache for people as well, when the gullible new pet owners realize after the holidays that they might have gotten more than they can handle and have to tell their kids that the lizard, bunny, puppy or kitten has to go.

My wish for 2010? Get on the bandwagon and help spread the word:
Get a pet only from a dedicated and caring breeder, or adopt a pet from a humane society or rescue group!


  1. Could not have said it better. 100% behind you on that one.

    Your Biggest Fan

  2. Yes, it breaks my heart to see animals passed around because someone has made a snap decision. I'd really like to see CTV do a piece you and your work in the new year Silvia. Actually, I think a regular spot on the show would be a Great thing...something to wish for in the new year.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. I totally missed this piece - I wish I would've seen it, because I definitely would have made a stink about it. I watch the discussion board on the CTV Facebook group - and nobody has even mentioned it, which surprises me. Maybe nobody watched Live at 5 that night - which is a good thing. Maybe you're the only person who caught the segment Silvia - wouldn't that be super! haha! The vet Eric Carnegy used to do a regular spot on Live at 5 - so they are open to pet friendly segments - so a positive animal person like you should approach the show I think!

  4. Maybe I will, Joan. I usually never watch Live at 5, but supper was done a bit early - we usually eat supper watching the news at 6.00 PM for entertainment only - not for its news or journalistic quality, so because supper was early we turned the TV on about 10 minutes sooner a caught it.